New Media Images - Teaching Assistant Lab Handbook

This resource was designed to aid new teaching assistants preparing to teach and facilitate labs for a large (200 seat) first year course that introduces various visual communication and narrative principles.

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IAT 100: New Media Images - Is one of the largest courses taught in the first year at the School of Interactive Art and Technology. To manage the large nubmer of students requires multiple teaching assistants who are each responsible for their own set of 25 student labs.

The labs serve as multi-purpose education sessions and typically include program and skill tutorials, assignment critique and student work time. Teaching Assistant's are typically responsible for their own labs and must engage with students and teach with minimal supervision

In order to maintain consistency between each TA's lab and ease the burden for new TA's this handbook was created as a more detailed expansion of traditional lab outlines and lesson plans.

Pages from TA Handbook Pages from TA Handbook

Teaching Support Resource

Education + Learning Design + TA Training

Topics: Learning Goals, Lab Outlines, Course Expectations, Common Errors

Role: Document Writer, Plan Creator, Teaching Facilitator