Business Cards

Card designs produced for various non-profit and small business clients around Vancouver

Logo Designs

These logos have been designed for local Vancouver non-profit societies, small businesses, and university departments. Projects often included further brand and graphic materials which have been linked via the logo image where appropriate.

Logo Update

The Sustainable SFU logo had been designed by a volunteer in the past using a chunky informal typeface and unfortunate colors and so an update was needed. The original tree graphic from the old logo was kept but the logotype was reset in a more professional typeface and the color palette was reworked and tied into the overall rework of their brand identity.


Student Projects and Individual Designs

Role: Illustration, Design

Work: Display Signage, Web Graphics, Logos, Banners, Posters

Graphic material designed while I was a student at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Art and Technology. Includes both class project work as well as one-off designs produced for individuals, start-ups and small events.