Cultural Probe Book

The client constraint for the app to be designed was that it should be related to music and be for the iPhone. These constraints narrowed our audience but also provided us with unique opportunities such as the ability to assume the possesion of cameras, USB and email, which allowed us to modernize some traditional probe data gathering techniques such as the common inclusion of disposable cameras and envelopes.

This also resulted in more targetted info gathering questions, such as the mix-tape instruction, route mapping and "what do you carry?" page.

The Deployed Probe

Probe Results Poster

Cultural Probe

Interaction Design Research

Tech: Illustrator | Printing

Role: Design | Ideation | Layout | Implementation

This cultural probe was created as part of the initial ideation phase during the design of a music iPhone app. The goal of the probe is to learn about common habits, patterns, needs, and wants in our audience and use this data to inform the path of our design ideas.

Ideally, we hoped to gain insight into an audience we were unfamiliar with and, in so doing, find unexpected habits and traits that highlight an opportunity for the design of a product or app.