The site was designed for the web-somic "The Prince and the Swan". The site was developed via extensive customization of Comicpress for Wordpress

Prototyping and Wireframes

The site layout was first designed as a quick box-layout wireframe using Illustrator. With this layout as a base, more refined layout and visual design was conducted with comic artist April Pierce, leading to the mock-up that was the basis for the site development and site-graphics.

Following the completion of the mockup during the design phase the task of implementing the design began. Because the site was going to be a continually updated comic site it needed to be able to handle, posts, archives, news and comments and so we chose wordpress as a content management system and Comicpress as base theme and plugin.

Comicpress was great since it had a lot of functions embedded that allowed it to smoothly handle, comic pagination and navigation. However the base theme required extensive work and customization of both the CSS and HTML in order to properly implement the design.

The unstyled site

Web Design + Development

Tech:HTML | CSS | PHP | Illustrator | Wordpress

Role: Web Design, Wireframes, Web Development