Imminent Change - Exhibit Space

Cross-Section Journey Framework

The exhibit space was first designed in cross-section where we mapped out the audience's journey through the space and the experience we hoped to craft for them.

Interior Space Renders

Exhibit Space Design - Imminent Change

3 Week Project - Simon Fraser University

Tech: Illustrator | Cinema 4D

Role: Design Ideation, Sketching, 3D Modelling

Team-mates: Rob Innes | Greg Polvi | Charles Law

The Imminent Change project was an exploration of audience and concept driven design of a public exhibition space. The site for the space was the entry to the massive urban redevelopment of the old fair-grounds in Milan Italy. The space was meant to act as gathering, conversation and display space for the new development and was inspired by the concept of transition and change being faced by both Milan and the wider world as the century turns and the city and world shift from industrial to knowledge economies.