Heart on the Sleeve Suit

Video of the Project uploaded by project teammate Azmina Karimi on Vimeo.

Prototyping and Development

The suit idea was first prototyped on an old long-sleeved shirt using red LED's and conductive thread. This allowed us to test the feasability of the idea and practice our circuits and sewing.

Design Sketches

With the proof of concept prototypes complete we began to refine the design of the interaction and the look of the suit through a series of sketches

Constructing the Suit

Final Shirt Images

Design/Technology - Heart on the Sleeve

3 Week Project - Simon Fraser University

Tech: Arduino | Soft-Electronics | Sensors | Sewing

Role: Design Ideation, Arduino Programming, Circuit Design and Testing, Photography

Team-mates: April Pierce | Azmina Karimi

In developing the Heart on the Sleeve project my team and I set out to develop a wearable tech artifact that provided us the opportunity to explore and learn at all stages of its development, both on the technical side, where soft-circuits, arduino programming and circuit planning were paramount, and on the design side where we explored and prototyped fashion, and interaction design elements that shaped the form and feel of the artifact and guided the technical requirements to be implemented through the wiring, sensor choice and the arduino code.